Nile Cruise  
Nile Cruise Tour from Aswan to Luxor

Tour Duration : 04 Days - 03 Nights
1st Day : Aswan

Embarkation & Lunch on board of the cruise.
Proceed with the visits of Aswan including the Temple of Philae and tour by felucca around Elephantine Island & the Botanical Garden.
Lunch on board of the cruise.
Finish the visits of Aswan with the high Dam passing by the old Dam of Aswan.
Dinner & Overnight on board of the cruise in Aswan .

2nd Day : Kom-Ombo/Edfu/Esna

Breakfast on board of the cruise. Sail to Kom Ombo.
Visit the Temple of Kom-Ombo, dedicated for Gods Sobek and Haroeris. Sail to Edfu.
Arrive Edfu, Visit the Temple of God Horus son of Osiris one of the most complete
architectures in Egypt. Sail to Esna Lock.
Arrive Esna Lock, cross Esna lock and Continuesailing to Luxor
3rd Day : Luxor
Breakfast on board of the cruise.
Proceed with the visits of the West Bank of the Nile including The Valley of Kings,
The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahari and the two colossi of Memnon.

Tour Highlights:
Valley of the Kings It was here that bodies of kings such as Tutankhamoun , Ramses II,
Ramses IV, Tutmose III and many other kings once layed.
Valley of The Queens The total number of these tombs is seventy.
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut the only woman ever to rule as a Pharaoh and consists
mainly of three terraces linked by ramps.
Two Colossi of Memnon These two huge statues of Amenhotep III , The statues
show Amenhotep seated on his throne with the two Nile gods of upper and lower
Egypt uniting the two lands.
Overnight on board of the cruise in Luxor.
4th Day : Luxor

Breakfast and Disembarkation from the cruise. Finish with the visits of the EastBank
of the Nile including the Temple of Karnak& the Temple of Luxor

Tour Highlights:
Visits to Karnak temple"covering an immense 100 acres (40.5 hectares) of the three
temple enclosures, the grandest is the Precinct of Amun, the main place
of worship.
TheGreat Hypostyle Hall is 6000 sq m (64,584 sq ft) and filled with immense stone pillars.
The whole site has colossal statues, relief, obelisks and halls and, of course, the Avenue
of the Sphinxes.
A processional path of ram sphinxes representing Amun leads into the temple.
Between the forelegs of these rams is a small statue of Ramses II, Amun's servant.
and Luxor Temple is guardedby a huge statue of Ramses II, and although a fraction
of the area of Karnak, it also contains countless columns, statues and sphinxes